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Postal Strategies Corp. levels the playing field for small to medium businesses.

Postal Strategies had a vision, to provide a service that allowed all companies to receive discounts on their business mail. With everyone looking for ways to cut costs during these tough economic times, the last thing any business owner wants to hear is that they donít qualify for a discount. Yet for many small businesses, thatís exactly what happens.

Enter Sandy Smith and her company, Postal Strategies, to level the playing field for small business owners across the Valley.  Most mailers know that to catch a break on postage you must mail at least 500 pieces of First Class Mail, that is until Postal Strategies came along.
Postal Strategies changes all of that. Now small businesses who could never dream of reaching the 500-piece minimum enjoy discounted rates. They have a reliable, free service that picks up, delivers the mail to PBPS and saves them money - all at the same time.