Licensed & Insured


PSC's business model is to develop routes that can yield a large amount of mail within a dense geographical area,  and to market to all companies within that route.
If your organization produces volumes of 50 pieces or greater a day you may be able to take advantage of postal discounts.  PSC's clients meter the mail the same way you do today except that you apply  discounted postage rates to each piece of outgoing 1 to 3 oz letter-sized mail pieces.  You push a button, sit back and we do the rest.  It's that simple. Because we have no contracts we must offer the very highest level of customer service.  If you are not happy you can cancel the service at any time!
We are currently in Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert and the downtown Central area.
PSC is offering a new product, emergency metering! Have you ever had a mailing that had to go out but your meter needs service, or your ink cartridge is out?  PSC will pick up your mail, meter the mail for you and deliver to PBPS.

        Postal Savers Agreement